The Community Wellness model

The Community Wellness Model consists of a series of programmes co-designed and delivered with the communities we serve built on a set of values and principles and a framework that enables holistic wellness and therapeutic recovery.

We recognise that the traditional offer of a standalone 6–8-week course of intervention or therapy will have minimal impact for those with complex needs and individuals in trauma survival states may not be ready or able to engage in formal clinical settings at a time and place to suit the system not necessarily the person.

The Community Wellness model is a unique system of programmes, based in community settings, that individuals can access through self-referral and with support navigate the system based on their level of readiness, curating a bespoke therapeutic journey and plan to meet their personal needs and aspirations.

Programmes are open to everyone unless there is a legal restriction such as a license, which may prevent some individuals we support attending community spaces. Individuals can move around the programmes in any sequence that helps their recovery with no limitations on frequency of attendance, with several participants from the original pilot programmes that started in Dec 2021 still regularly attending programmes as participants or members of the delivery team.

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