Holistic health, wellbeing & healing

Treating the most in need with the greatest care

Community Wellness

We believe that every person regardless of their circumstances has the right to be well, not just physically, emotionally and psychologically but also socially, environmentally, intellectually, financially and occupationally.

We seek to empower people to become independent in their own community.

By providing the professional help that people need to deal with loneliness, isolation, mental illness and addictions, we enable the most marginalised and vulnerable members of our society to be seen, heard, and live more meaningful lives.

Who do we help?

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How do we help

We partner with individuals and communities by firstly seeking to understand your challenges through our in reach programme. We then work with you to develop the right wellness provision and programmes that help them find their own direction, connected with their interests, to better health, including training to learn how to deliver programmes yourself.

A sustainable, complementary wellness system, built by the community, for the community.


For example we’re currently working with the Community at Rivertown Church

Including developing a food hub, wellness walks, holistic therapies, support for accessing other services, befriending, and mental health support and crisis support.

‘Life changing’   ‘Transformational’    ‘Best work I’ve ever done’

Can we help and support you?

We often work in areas of deprivation seeking to help the most in need with the greatest care.

Designed to compliment and enhance what you do

The emotional and psychological support is designed to compliment and enhance what you or your group might already offer in terms of services and activities where you are, including:

The amazing caring communities that already exist.

Local councils seeking to support their communities in getting to the route of their challenges

Groups offering social prescribing who need professional support for people with trauma or other psychological challenges.

Training for others to provide wellness provision and programmes in their community

If you’d like a chat or more information about how we can work together, do get in touch below